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active ageing • functional rehab

We believe that ageing should not be a barrier to leading a healthy and fulfilling life. With growing health concerns among sedentary older adults such as sarcopenia, osteoporosis, arthritis, risk of falls, fractures, and increased burden on children as caregivers, our mission is to bring about positive changes towards the elderly community in Malaysia.

Our Story

We started out humbly as a local mobile physiotherapy team that served patients with difficulties traveling to hospitals for the physical rehabilitation they needed. Most of them were older adults with mobility issues, whether after a fall, surgery, stroke, or just because of body aches. That’s when we noticed a significant lack of health awareness among elderly in Malaysia, plagued by a very sedentary lifestyle.

Too old to do anything  is their general mindset. The deterioration that comes with age inevitably leads to falls, fractures, hospitalization, joint replacements and even long-term nursing home stays, all of which could’ve been prevented. Children do not know what to do when their parents are no longer independent. 

Hence we started Vintage Physio & Fitness. On top of raising awareness on the importance of active ageing, we want to create a safe space where older people can feel comfortable working out, with specialized programs, equipment and guidance for any fitness level.

Our unique approach combines personalized rehabilitation (Geriatric Physiotherapy) and fitness programs (Senior Personal Training) tailored to the specific needs, abilities and medical histories of each older adult. As opposed to traditional physiotherapy that is overly reliant on passive modalities, we emphasize on re-training functional movements used often in activities of daily living (ADL). And while conventional personal training targets the younger population, we take into account the effects of aging on our specialized senior fitness programming. 


Our team of experienced and trained professionals work closely with older adults to develop their strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. Through the philosophy of "active ageing", our fellow seniors are empowered to take control of their health and well-being. Children and caregivers can have a peace of mind knowing that their parents are enjoying higher quality of life with improved confidence and independence into their golden years.

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